I have a confession. Throughout this site whenever I've used "us" or "we," it's been in the royal or editorial sense. As of right now, this is a one (wo)man show. Hopefully, there will be expansion in the future.

I'm Andrea Biel, CFA, CFP® and this is my company. I've worked across the financial industry in various capacities since 2004 and recently decided to strike out on my own. As I've built my story, it's become increasingly clear to me that every person, firm, and fund also has a story. You'd be surprised at how difficult it can be to tell it in a way that makes people sit up and take notice. That's where I can help.


My life's goal is to create a more financially literate society and starting this company is an important first step on that path. I believe helping financial professionals tell their story in a way that is clearer, more concise, and that better educates and creates a lasting impression on their end client benefits both the investment industry and the investing public. This is why AMBK Research LLC exists.

One of the reasons I love the financial industry is that it's highly personal. When a client decides to work with you it's an extreme vote in favor of both your character and intellect. If my service offerings are a good match for your needs, I hope that in time I can earn that from you.

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